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Pegad Unisex Viva Mini Leather Orthotic

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Looking for a way to give your favorite shoes the support they need without sacrificing style or comfort? Look no further than the pedag Viva Mini!

Crafted with care in Germany using only the finest vegetable-tanned leather and eco-friendly water-based adhesives, the Viva Mini is a ¾ length thin insert that provides all the benefits of an orthotic insole while still fitting discreetly inside even the tightest low-profile shoes. And with its universal footbed design, this insole is the perfect choice for any shoe or boot!

But don't let its slim profile fool you - the Viva Mini is packed with features that make it a true powerhouse of foot support. From its semi-rigid longitudinal arch support and plantar vault to its specially designed metatarsal pad and heel cushion, every inch of the Viva Mini is engineered to keep your feet feeling comfortable, supported, and pain-free.

And with its American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, you can trust that the Viva Mini is not only stylish and comfortable but also meets the highest standards of foot health and wellness.

So why wait? Treat your feet to the support and comfort they deserve with the pedag Viva Mini - the perfect choice for your favorite shoes!

Insole Type: Semi-Rigid

Orthotic Length: 3/4

Support: Complete

TopMaterial: Leather

User: Adults Shoe

Type: Low Profile

Features: Vegetable Tanned Leather

Foot Condition: Arch Pain

Foot Condition: Back Pain

Foot Condition: Metatarsal Pain

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