Product Details

  • Rubber sole
  • Tamarindo's Pathfinder Leather Slip On is soft leather shoe that sports an eye-catching woven design and a comfortable, supportive footbed. This combination of comfort and style makes the Pathfinder perfect for casual nights out or scenic strolls.
  • All Day Leg and Back Support - Luxetech Handsewn Comfort Technology utilizes an EVA midsole that’s lighter and more flexible than rubber. Plus the molded footbed give you the foot support that active adventurers need.
  • Durable, Comfortable Leather - Made from full grain leather, which stays strong and continues to look great over time. They are also very easy to clean - just wipe your shoes once a week to prevent dirt from building up.
  • Sewn By Hand - These shoes are put together by hand with heavy gauge thread. This adds durability, increases flexibility, and gives every pair a unique, crafted look.

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