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TRAQ By Alegria Women's Lyriq Sneaker

The breathable Dream Knit fabric helps keep your foot from sweating and helps control odor. The removable Alegria footbed conforms to the contours of your foot for a custom fit. The slip-resistant, dual-density polyurethane outsole provides you with excellent arch support, even weight distribution and great rebound with every step. 

Another thing the TRAQ Lyriq does with each of your steps is count them! Using TRAQ Q-Chip technology, the Lyriq becomes your personal pedometer and sends your step count to the free TRAQ smartphone app seamlessly and in real-time. You'll always have an accurate step count—just lace up, connect and go! See what else there is to love about the TRAQ Lyriq in Flannely Black today!

Sensational features you'll find in every TRAQ Lyriq lace-up shoe for women include:

  • Q-Chip smart shoe technology
  • Removable Alegria footbed
  • Fashionable and durable fitness laces
  • Breathable Dream Knit™ upper
  • Lycra lining for flexibility
  • Slip-resistant, dual-density polyurethane outsole supporting:
    • Increased arch support
    • Balanced weight distribution
    • Enhanced shock absorption
    • Better rebound and bounce with each step

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