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Toewarmer Women's Active Winter Boot

Canadians understand a thing or two about cold winter weather, so these Toe Warmers Active Boots are crafted from experience and necessity. These boots are built to keep your feet warm and dry through the harshest conditions.

The Active Boots are water-resistant for keeping your feet dry. Warmtex metallic foil sock lining helps keep your toes toasty by retaining heat. Front velcro strap offers a snug fit while still allowing for easy on and off convenience. Weather-resistant TPR outsole provides stability and traction, even in adverse conditions.

Active Boots are hand made from the highest quality materials to ensure a durable, lasting, and comfortable boot that will soon be your winter go-to!

  • Handmade in Canada
  • Incredibly warm, everyday comfort
  • Easy-care uppers with Milano lining
  • Style runs narrow and short-suggested sizing larger than your usual size

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